One more demonstration ... Here is where we stand now

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We are done ! Except in CORSICA or the BASQUE region where they still could not do that!

Looks like our fellow metropolitan starting to realize on what kind of powder keg they are sitting. No thanks to the past 47 years of warning from the "dirty bBlackFeet racist colonialists" of what was coming to them, Today France may be well accusing us of not having put enough emphasis on our warnings.

Subject : Demonstration in Frejus (France) after the death of a youth.

Whenever there are riots, there are people who just destroy everything. But what I saw is that all businesses that were targeted were European businesses. However businesses "halal" and their shops were not touched. Can you explain that fact, Mr. Bourdin? As for me, if I were angry I would break anything , with no distinction to what I will destroy …

These people, what do they really want ? They want to take over neighborhoods and gradually they are doing it. So, what are going to do? Just tell us, are we the ones full of prejudice? If they are born in ghettos, it is they turned it into ghettos. They made these ghettos by scaring off all Europeans. What they really want is to take over everything.

My son left for Australia; he will never set foot again in France, and same for his friends, they all took off. I have lots of friends whose children are leaving from all over France.

Mr. Bourdin, remember to protect your own children because in a near future, in a few years, they won’t dare set foot outside, or they will be gone.

And stop interrogating these people. The only thing they do is cry. Enough is enough.


Who said that we were sheeps ? Perhaps it’s time to prove otherwise.


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